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Founded in 2017 in response to the growing pressure on the UK care sector, Log my Care is a digital care management platform whose mission is to improve the quality-of-care delivery.

 As part of Our Journey to Success series, Founder & CEO Sam Hussain, shares his journey on getting funded, the impact of securing investment and future plans.



Sam Hussain, Founder & CEO

1. Tell us about Log my Care, how did you come up with the idea for the company?

Log my Care is a digital care management platform that I founded in 2017 after seeing first-hand the pressure the UK care sector was facing. I was working for a company in Singapore that wanted to launch nursing home software in the UK. It was my first experience working with social care technology and I quickly realised how much people-centred technology was needed in social care. There was a huge gap for care software that was as user-friendly and well-designed as the products we use in our everyday lives. There are lots of small care providers in the UK that can’t afford expensive software or time for lengthy onboarding processes. I wanted to create something easy to use so that people would start getting value from day one.


2. Tell us about your investment journey, specifically the key milestones?

The support we’ve received for Log my Care has been amazing. Early on we met an entrepreneur who owned a few care homes – we were talking to him about using our software – who loved the product so much he asked if he could invest. That’s how our first angel round started, he introduced us to some other investors and the whole thing snowballed. In the early days, we had multiple backers who ran care services and that first investor joined our board. We were also fortunate to receive early-stage funding from Claudio D’Angelo, Founder and MD of Spex Capital and other backers during the pandemic, allowing us to develop our software further and create tools to support front-line workers in the social care sector.


3. What kind of challenges did you face? What were the learnings?

If we hadn’t had support from our early-stage investors, we never would have been able to achieve everything we have. That support is so important because we’re working in a sector that has been slow to innovate and adopt technology and now it’s at a crisis point. A lot of frontline workers are choosing to leave care completely because of low pay, long hours and a lack of recognition and we think technology can change that. We’ve learned that a user-friendly solution to digital care management is desperately needed and now we’ve created the product, it’s just about getting it in people’s hands. People working in care may not have had a good first experience of technology – we want to challenge their preconceptions and start giving them value from day one.


4. What is the biggest benefit of working with an investor like Spex Capital?

Having the backing of an investor like Spex Capital that specialises in advancing disruptive early-stage ventures gives us conviction in our mission. Our care system is broken and we want to disrupt the norm by making person-centred technology accessible to everyone. Success is all about having the right people in the room and the ability to tap into Spex’s global network of innovators has been amazing. Working with Spex has really helped us clarify our goals and plan for future development.


5. What does the future hold for Log my Care?

In the near term, we’re focusing on launching a rostering tool that uses AI and machine learning to replicate and optimise working patterns in care services. We also want to ensure we’re further integrated with organisations like the NHS to give care managers access to summary care records and help deliver better continuity of care.

Overall, we want to make care preventive instead of reactive. With the health data we’ve accumulated, we have an almost unprecedented level of insight into the care provided and its outcomes. This data will help care providers understand the risk profile of the people they care for and predict how likely someone is to go to hospital.

At the moment, we’re pretty UK focused but already have some international customers. Our goal is to become globally recognised as the world’s best care management system.


6. What is your top tip for entrepreneurs looking to enter the digital health space?

Connect with potential customers right at the beginning. There’s no point in launching a product that doesn’t work for the people you’re trying to help or fulfil a big enough need. If you’re too close to an idea, it can be hard to see the woods from the trees so having those trusted advisors who know the industry is also key. Our product has been built alongside carers and service managers – the people who use it every day. By listening to what they need and how we can improve our product for them, we’ve put accessibility and person-centred technology at the heart of Log my Care.



Sam Hussain, Founder & CEO

Sam founded Log my Care in 2017 after seeing digital care planning solutions work in the far east and recognising the need for an intuitive and accessible solution in the UK. To reflect his mission to make people-centred technology accessible to everyone in social care, Sam’s committed to keeping Log my Care’s Core Module free. He’s a passionate believer in the role technology has to play in aiding decision-making and transparency in care. Log my Care is now relied upon by hundreds of services, including care homes, home care agencies and supported living sites, across the UK, Europe and Canada. Before founding the company, Sam worked in HealthTech in the far east and as a strategy consultant in London. He holds a Master’s in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford.

About Log my Care   

Founded in 2017 by Sam Hussain in response to the growing pressure on the UK care sector, Log my Care is digital care management made simple. Sam’s mission, to make people-centred technology accessible to everyone in social care, eliminates the need for paper records, saves time and improves the quality-of-care delivery. Log my Care’s Core Module is free to use, making it the only free digital care management platform on the market. With the vision of changing care from reactive to predictive, Log my Care is transforming care for society’s most vulnerable people.